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3M™ S-Series S-757 Headcover
Supplier Code: 05TN757
Ex VAT €100.30 EACH

3M™ S-Series S-757 Headcover The S-757 headcover with Premium Reusable Head Suspension and Inner Shroud, minimizing the potential for paint to flake off the wearer and onto the work piece. The fabric also has an internal film barrier to help prevent paint contact with skin or clothes.
Key features include
• Replaceable over-hoods (S-707)
• Highly cost effective for high disposal rate environments
• Externally adjustable Airflow
• Fabric specifically designed to help capture paint overspray
• Complete with inner shroud.
Product Code S-757
Format Reusable Head Suspension & Inner Shroud
Size Single Size
Nominal Protection Factor 500 (Jupiter/TR-302E) - 200 (V-Series)
Colour White
Protection Level Particulate, gas and vapour and combined protection when combined with suitable air source.
Typical Applications Agriculture & Horticulture - Painting & Decorating - Woodworking - Paint Spraying
Working Environment Low Temperature - High Mobility Required



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