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20HR7015 PIG® HAZ-MAT Pillows
20HR7015 PIG® HAZ-MAT Pillows
Supplier Code: 20H7015
Ex VAT 267.52 BOX OF 10

20HR7015 PIG® HAZ-MAT Pillows are specially treated to absorb high concentrations of acids, caustics or unknown liquids better than any other absorbent in the market

Pillow has large surface area, high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up liquids

Contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy

Polypropylene filler is chemical-resistant for containing and absorbing corrosive or reactive spills

Polypropylene skin is chemical- and tear-resistant; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when fully saturated

Absorbs and retains most acids, caustics and unknown liquids

Specially treated to more quickly absorb more chemicals—including higher concentration corrosive liquids such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide

Pink colour is easily distinguishable to prevent improper use and pilfering of spill-response supplies

Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste
Color: Pink
Dimensions: 41cm L x 43cm W x 5cm H
Absorbency: Up to 38 L per box
Sold as: 10 per box
Weight: 7.12 kg
# per Pallet: 24
Composition: exterior - Polypropylene
Interior - Polypropylene PulpI

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