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Respiratory Filters & Cartridges

At M.A. Healy & Sons Ltd, we carry one of Ireland's most extensive range of respiratory protection equipment, including filters and cartridges from leading PPE brands such as 3M and BLS. This range includes particulate filters, pre-filers, Gas and Vapour cartridges, retainers, dust bayonet filters, combi filters and more. We deliver all over Ireland (including Northern Ireland) and you can also purchase filters from our Safety Shops in Arklow (just an hour from Dublin) and Passage West (just outside Cork city).

CleanSpace2™ Pre Filter
Supplier Code: 02A10042
ExVAT €9.98 PACK 10
MOLDEX 7000/9000 P2 FILTER
Supplier Code: 02F29020
ExVAT €3.09 EACH
 3M™ 2135 Particulate Filters P3 R
Supplier Code: 02J62135
ExVAT €12.83 PAIR
3M™ 2128 Particulate Filters P2 R
Supplier Code: 02J62128
ExVAT €8.58 PAIR
3M™ 2138 Particulate Filters P3 R
Supplier Code: 02J62138
ExVAT €10.50 PAIR
3M™ 501 Retainer
Supplier Code: 02J65010
ExVAT €4.26 PAIR
3M™ 5911 Particulate Filter P1R
Supplier Code: 02X55911
ExVAT €3.25 PAIR
3M™ 5935 Particulate Filters P3 R
Supplier Code: 02X55935
ExVAT €8.75 pair
3M™ 6051 Gas and Vapour Cartridge A1
Supplier Code: 02J60510
ExVAT €12.99 PAIR
3M™ 6057 Gas and Vapour Cartridge ABE1
Supplier Code: 02J60570
ExVAT €13.38 PAIR
3M™ 6059 Gas and Vapour Cartridge  ABEK1
Supplier Code: 02J60590
ExVAT €15.55 PAIR

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