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Introducing the POLYCO ECO AIR Recycled Nylon Glove

By Niall Kelly on Wed 22 May 2024

Following on from its ECO PETH, ECO PEL, ECO PEN, and ECO PER gloves, Polyco has introduced its latest glove to the ECO range, the Polyco ECO AIR, made from recycled nylon. As with other gloves in the range, it is primarily manufactured from recycled material and comes with plastic-free packaging.


Polyco’s First Recycled Nylon Glove


89% of the liner (70% of the glove’s weight) in the Polyco ECO AIR glove is made from recycled nylon material. The recycled nylon has been selected for its strength so as to ensure maximum protection for the wearer.


The Polyco ECO AIR is an Ultra Lightweight Disposable Glove


The Polyco ECO AIR is the lightest dipped glove in the range, delivering the protection required while giving close to a ‘second skin’ feel. It also features tactile sensitive fingertips which makes this glove suitable for use with touchscreens. An example of this would be a car workshop environment, where mechanics can log faults on tablets without needing to take their gloves off to use the screen.


A Disposable Glove with a Comfortable Feel


These gloves are made from 18-gauge yarn with a hard-wearing PU coating, with the result being a glove that is durable yet soft to wear. The Polyco ECO AIR glove also features a soft-knitted seamless liner for optimum comfort.


The Polyco ECO AIR gloves Scores a Level 3 for Abrasion under EN388


Despite its lightweight material, the Polyco ECO AIR glove scores a Level 3 for Abrasion under the EN388 standard.


The Polyco ECO AIR glove is an excellent choice for businesses looking to meet their sustainability targets when procuring gloves. It has a wide range of applications, and, as mentioned, still scores well on abrasion while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear. To find out more, call our team on 0402 32216 (Arklow), 021 484 1370 (Cork) or email



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