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2MS1 HI-RISE 275N double chamber Life Jacket - 2MS1A3N06: automatic cellulose cartridge UM RED
State of the art SOLAS 275 Newton inflatable life jacket developed according to the new SOLAS legislation MSC 200 (80) + MSC 207 (81) + ISO 12402
Double chamber inflatable 275N life jacket
Bi-colour cover with reflective silver piping in the front
Zip fastening cover
Marine grade stainless steel D-ring in front to attach safety line
Crutch strap
Marine grade whistle
Buddy line
SOLAS retro-reflective tape
Automatic water-activated SOLAS light
Colour Red
SOLAS/MED Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) will be denoted by a ‘Ships Steering Wheel’ which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size.In addition, material testing and mechanical tests are done, requirements on colour & retro-reflective material, the presence of specified trimmings is checked: a whistle, light,… and further performance tests on the whole garment or device e.g. the capabilities of donning, floatation, righting, etc. The head should be supported at the side and at the back so the airways are well out of the water (the mouth should be 12 cm higher than the water surface). The torso should be leaning backwards at an angle between 30° and 90° (vs. vertical) A ‘relaxed’ (unconscious) person face down in the water should be automatically turned on to his back within 10 seconds (EN 395) and within 5 seconds (EN 396, EN 399).
EN ISO 12402 - 2: 275N LIFE JACKETS Have buoyancy of no less than 275 Newton for the average adult and are intended for use offshore in extreme conditions, when heavy protective clothing is used, or loads such as tool belts are being carried.



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