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BOM304 PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Booms
Supplier Code: 20B3040
Ex VAT €271.48 BAG/4

Absorbent Booms Tubular mesh netting encasing a polypropylene skin and pulp filler. Used for cleaning up oil-based spills on land or water. These easy-storing booms have snap hooks on the ends for securing or overlapping in order to form a strong barrier.
Application: Used by spill response teams, oil terminals, fire departments, EPA and marinas to clean up petroleum-based liquid spills on lakes, ponds and streams, as well as on land. The pulp filler conforms to the shape of rocks close to the surface of the stream and lies flat on the ground to serve as a land boom.
Product Features: Contain and absorb spills on water or land before they can spread. PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Booms float for confining and soaking up oil spills on water but can also be used for land-based spills.
* Rope running along length of Boom adds strength for deployment and retrieval
* Strong, zinc-plated carbon steel attachment clips and rings allow you to link Booms together for greater length
* Contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy
* Polypropylene filler is chemical-resistant and hydrophobic for containing and absorbing oil-based spills in a variety of environments; holds in liquid, even when fully saturated
* Tough outer mesh resists snags and debris while remaining pliable
* Spunbond polypropylene skin is UV resistant up to 12 months; meets NFPA 99 standards for static decay
* Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids—including lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents—without absorbing a drop of water
* Hugs ground to confine and soak up spills on land; floats to confine and soak up spills on water
* Bright white color is easier to see in outdoor environments
* Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending
Color: White
Dimensions: ext. dia. 20cm x 3m L
Absorbency: Up to 181.6 L per bag
Absorbency per: Up to 45.4 L per boom
Sold as: 4 booms per bag
Weight: 20.64 kg
# per Pallet: 6
Composition: Outer Mesh Skin - Polyester
Inner Skin - Polypropylene
Pulp Filler - Polypropylene



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