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Piercan Isolator Single Glove 97800 E4 12" Y CSM S 9
Piercan Isolator Single Glove 97800 E4 12" Y CSM S 9
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Piercan Isolator Single Glove Isolator Glove Box Gauntlets Y CSM available in CSM materials, lengths and port sizes suitable for use in fixed and mobile isolator units. This glove 97800 12" CSM (Hypalon) .4mm Size 9 (OTHER PORTS AND SIZE AVAILABLE)

CSM is Chlorosulphonated polyethylene and shows its true strength when exposed to high temperatures, oxidizing chemicals and oxidizing environments such as ozone, active oxygen and free radicals. It resists flex cracking and abrasion as well as the damaging effects of weather, UV radiation and ageing.

CSM has demonstrated long life in harsh environments and is used in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications that require high performance. In addition it offers good flame resistance and good mechanical and low temperature properties.

The type of CSM used in our range of isolator gauntlets has been chosen to give a low modulus product and a very flexible gauntlet.

This material is suitable for:

Oxidizing products




This glove is not suitable for handling:


Aromatic solvents



Glove type: Reusable

Offers protection from: Medical Contamination

Working Environments Clean

Level of grip Low

Level of Dexterity Low

European Standards

EN374-2 - Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms

EN374-3 - Resistance to chemical hazards (permeation)

EN388 - Resistance to Mechanical Hazards

Commonly used in:


Chemical Manufacture and Use

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical

Comparison Tosoh vs Hypalon (CSM)

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