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Our Safety Shops Arklow, Co Wicklow (just one hour from Dublin) and Passage West, Cork, are contain some of the most extensive ranges of Snickers workpants in Ireland. Snickers Workwear trousers are stylish and highly functional, and come in wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. We deliver all over Ireland, including Northern Ireland; you can order from our online Snickers store below.

The Snickers Workwear range includes workpants in both wide fit and slim fit, holster trousers, Snickers Stretch work trousers (including the popular Snickers 6241 and 6251 Stretch pants), light CoolTwill work trousers, Snickers work shorts, Snickers Holster workpants, RuffWork trousers, Service Line trousers, and many more.

We can even arrange for your Snickers work trousers to be company logo or branding, call us on 0402 32116 or email our team at to discuss our custom workwear service.


Snickers 8201 PU Rain Trousers PU Black L
Supplier Code: 49P8201B03
ExVAT 48.37 EACH
Snickers 8201 PU Rain Trousers Navy L
Supplier Code: 49P8201N03
ExVAT 48.37 EACH
Snickers AllroundWork 6271 Full Stretch Trousers Navy 52 W36 L32
Supplier Code: 49P62719504052
ExVAT 132.11 each
SNICKERS® 7505 Junior Work Trousers Black 146 (10-11)
Supplier Code: 49KS86146
ExVAT 64.50 EACH
SNICKERS® 6400 Service Trousers, Black 100
Supplier Code: 49P1X04100
ExVAT 60.57 EACH
SNICKERS® 6800 Service Trousers, S-GREY 100
Supplier Code: 49P1Y58100
ExVAT 68.09 EACH
SNICKERS® 6800 Service Trousers, Navy 100
Supplier Code: 49P1Y95100
ExVAT 68.09 EACH

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